Imagine their reaction

When they celebrate the Twelve Days of Socksmas with an awesome, surprise, fresh pair of socks every day. Finally, getting socks for Christmas won’t suck! Learn more

until October 31

Feet take a beating every day – more than any other body part. So shouldn’t you help them look awesome?

The new 2019 Twelve Days of Socksmas does. It conveniently packages 12 fancy, fresh, awesome pairs of women’s or men’s socks for a new surprise pair every day. Since 2014, we’ve shipped over 200,000 pairs of socks across Canada. And independent studies showed that people who wear crazy socks are smart, successful, and revolutionary! So in under two weeks, expect their inner genius to appear.

Don’t worry about duplicates

With an exclusive collection just for our Twelve Days of Socksmas, you won’t have to worry about duplicate sock styles from our Sock Lovers Advent Calendar™ or Sock of the Month Club. We’ve taken great care to bring you 12 designs that have never been shipped to our members. And the styles in the Twelve Days of Socksmas won’t be shipped out during 2020 either. You can rest easy knowing that your awesome style will be preserved. As a bonus, we’ve even added some new suppliers, just for this collection.

All new 2018 collection

Pure comfort

Fresh, clean pair every day

Access to special member only deals

Style to last for months

Quality styles from trusted brands

Custom packaged, ready to gift

Designed to be opened on December 25

Socks. Period.

it’s winter, keep your feet cozy and warm – and awesome

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Begins shipping Worldwide December 1

The fine print: Pricing shown in USD unless otherwise noted. Orders begin shipping on or by December 1, 2019. Orders received after December 13, 2019 may not arrive before December 25 in some remote areas of Canada. Watch your email for shipping notification, including tracking information. All Twelve Days of Socksmas collections include tracking from Canada Post. Pricing to Canada in Canadian dollars and include standard shipping and handling fees but are subject to taxes; nobody can escape Canada Revenue Agency. International shipping charges apply. See checkout for pricing. Images in the page are for illustrative purposes only. Sock styles seen on this page will not be in the collection. That’s a surprise after all. ¹USD prices charged unless shipping to Canada, in which case charges are calculated in CAD at checkout.